Switch your Facebook profile from timeline to normal or wall view

Facebook Timeline introduces a massive change in it's profile looks and features than old wall view. Wall view was the starting view and successfully exists for long time and people were familiar with wall view. After a period, Facebook authority take initiative to change it’s look and make it more attractive and well organized. So they start a demo campaign for Facebook timeline and gives option to activate after a tour if anyone likes it. It is human characteristics to take time with new things and refusal at first look. But after a period of time, people become familiar with it and take it easily.

Still if you dislike Facebook timeline and activate it wrongly without any tour or previous experience and now want to go back previous wall look. This post will be useful for you.

I think when you heard my answer you will be hurt, but believe me, I do not have another option till now even Facebook authority do not provides any solution regarding this problem.
Rollback to Normal from Timeline
Rollback to Normal View
So, my answer is simply NO. You can't rollback to normal view to from timeline.

So think before make active timeline, when you desire to start your timeline you will ask for take a tour. Timeline will restore your profile page and wall, only after you decide to activate it will publish and you get to option either publish now or after seven days.

I suggest you, not to publish Timeline instantly; you will get seven days tour and rollback option. This is the only solution. If any update from Facebook, then I will notify you.

Note: Another trick to install Lower version of Internet Explorer (Less then IE7) which don't support Facebook timeline and it show normal view.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    But I have no option, I have already activated so what will happen...

    I think you will familiar with timeline and facebook may consider users problem and they will access user to roll back to normal view.

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